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Pedal Plane Builds

P-40 Pedal Plane

Pedal Plane Builds

What the project looks like now

This is our newest build and we hope to add it to our fleet soon! This build is going to be so much fun! Not only do we get to build it but we get to design it too!

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Pedal Plane Builds

Hopes for what it will look like

P-51 Pedal Plane

The build process

This was the first pedal plane that we built together. The kids got to learn woodworking, tools and even worked on communicating with others. The kids came in as much as they could on the weekends to work on this. At the end, they all got to pick out the painting design! They ended up replicating it after “Miss America” the P-51 plane.

Pedal Plane Builds
Pedal Plane Builds

How it looks now

Christian Eagle Pedal Plane


This amazing Christian EagleĀ pedal plane was donated to us. We were able to restore it back to its original self and even add a few fun extra touches to it. This was the first pedal plane we all worked on together!

Pedal Plane Builds